Tools to Display, Analyze and Act on Your Data

With so much going on in your facility every day, the ability to accurately track it all is essential to the success of your business. However, all the data in the world is of little use without the ability to easily display it, powerfully analyze it, and quickly act on it. Let Ignition put a world of control and monitoring functionality at the tips of your fingers.





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Real-Time Status Control

Ignition’s real-time status controls and analytics give you the power to quickly analyze and easily display the status of your facility.

HMI Control

Ignition delivers a dynamic, powerful, and beautiful HMI experience unlike any other. Ignition makes it easy to create custom HMI screens that give operators powerful real-time status control functionality.

Fully Customizable

Start and stop processes, monitor multiple data points at multiple locations, check the status of the entire plant floor at any given moment – Ignition can create HMI screens to do whatever you need. The intuitive Ignition Designer makes it possible, and powerful vector drawing tools makes it beautiful.

Real-Time Analytics

Ignition comes out-of-the-box with some of the best analytic tools in the industry. Easily use statistical process control (SPC) charting to improve the consistency of products and minimize waste, quickly track key performance indicators (KPIs) to always stay on top of your business objectives, and more. Ignition leverages the power of relational databases along with a library of easily customizable charts, tables, and graphs resulting in data analysis that is both powerful and simple to use.


SCADA Alarming Software

Configure Alarms & Send Alerts by Email, Text or Phone Call
Build an advanced alarming system that fits the needs of your operation with the Ignition Alarm Notification Module, SMS Notification Module and the Voice Notification Module to send, receive and acknowledge alarm notifications via email, text message or a phone call.

Advanced Alarming for SCADA

Ignition is so much more advanced than other SCADA alarming / alerting products that it will change the way you think about and use alarming in your system. No other SCADA alarming solution on the market can offer so many powerful features, such as:

  • Pipelines that let you chart alarm notification logic
  • Functionality across platforms, not just on Windows
  • Unmatched flexibility and control
  • Quick, effective management of schedules and user profiles
  • Multiple alarms per tag
  • Text and voice notification and acknowledgement
  • Modern VoIP technology that enables you to use services like Skype | try it out »
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) translation | try it now »

Built on SCADA Alarming Best Practices

Ignition offers the flexibility and power to meet the demands of any industry, with alarming features that encompass many requests from the worldwide Ignition user community. It has been designed to exemplify the widely respected principles of effective alarm management described in The Alarm Management Handbook.

SCADA Alarming Built Around Your Needs

The Ignition alarming system is a fully integrated system that works seamlessly with other Ignition modules and is also robust enough to stand on its own. Whether you use it as a standalone alarming package or integrate it seamlessly with SCADA, Ignition is the customizable and comprehensive solution to your operation’s alarming needs.



Ignition comes with the ability to create a full range of dynamic, data-rich reports that can be easily tailored to your company’s needs.

Dynamic PDF Reports

Data changes quickly, so why not your reports? With the Reporting Module, putting together comprehensive reports is a snap. Want a report for a different time range? Different equipment? No problem. You can create a report to suit your needs and make it dynamic enough to be changed on the fly without a redesign.

Automatic Reports

Create reports that automatically show your users the information pertinent to their shift, access level, area, or pre-determined times-of-interest.

Utilize Existing Forms

Already have existing forms or reports? You can bring those into the report designer and keep your paperwork consistent.

Paperless Factory

Achieve a greener, paperless facility by using Ignition to generate an unlimited number of PDF reports, which can easily be stored digitally.

Acquisition de données

Data Acquisition

Ignition’s built-in set of comprehensive data-acquisition tools and a high performance industrial historian makes capturing and archiving your data easier than ever.


Looking back to previous data to discover trends is an invaluable tool in helping improve your process and troubleshoot potential issues. That’s why Ignition comes with built-in, high-performance industrial historian functionality (SQLBridge and Vision modules required). SQLTags™ is Ignition’s real-time tag database that integrates naturally with any SQL database. The SQLTags Historian feature provides efficient and open-format process history with an easy query interface.

Data Logging

Ignition fully harnesses the power of transaction groups to log data, synchronize PLCs, track downtime and manage recipes. In Ignition your data is always stored in an easy-to-use format. Stored procedure support, flexible execution scheduling, and triggering allow for precise control and monitoring.


All historical data in Ignition goes through our robust store-and-forward engine, ensuring that no records are ever lost. In the case of connection lag or failure, data can be buffered to memory and cached to a local disk. When the underlying connection is available, the data is quickly forwarded to the server in time-efficient batches.