Rapid Application Development Tools to Save You Time

The object-oriented development environment, rich component library and data-binding functionality make it simple to create powerful, dynamic HMI / SCADA projects that can be customized to whatever need you have. Ignition empowers you with all the tools you need to turn your HMI / SCADA visions into reality. Don’t just build a project, innovate one.





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Tools to Empower
Your Innovation

Ignition allows developers to say “Yes, I can do that” to problems that leave other developers scratching their heads. Ignition could be considered the “magic” that lets you build SCADA or MES applications without limit.

Tie Together Every Asset Within Your Organization

Machines, people, business processes and data are valuable assets to your company. Bring them together in a way unlike ever before, using Ignition. Empower innovation throughout your entire company by synchronizing all assets in one central location.

More Than Just ‘SCADA’

Ignition goes beyond SCADA and lets you do so much more than any other standard SCADA software package. Want to track production and work in progress? Want to know which raw material vendors result in the highest quality finished products? Want to eliminate paperwork on the plant floor? Ignition can do that.

If you can dream it, Ignition can do it.

Build It Around Your Unique Processes

Just about any other software out there forces you to scrap your unique way of doing things and put it into a one-size-fits-all model. Ignition doesn’t do this; it lets you build your application around your existing processes. After all, your unique processes are your competitive advantage.

Ignition puts you in the driver’s seat. This ensures you can retain your way of doing things so you can keep your competitive advantage.

Think Outside of the Box

Did you know that our entire team at Inductive Automation uses a custom CRM (customer relationship management) system built with Ignition? Ignition isn’t limited to just HMI, SCADA or MES applications. Make an application for any department – then tie it into your entire enterprise, including the plant floor.

Dream It, Do It

Our customers have found ingenious uses for Ignition. They’re doing things they never dreamt possible, and are making their companies much more efficient.

Designer intégré

Designer Application Included

Ignition comes out-of-the-box with the most innovative, full-featured, and flexible HMI / SCADA design development application on the market today, at no extra cost.

Free & Unlimited

Many HMI / SCADA packages have design applications that are either too restrictive or overly complex, and some require that a separate license be purchased for each individual design client. These problems can severely limit the scope and quality of an HMI / SCADA project. At Inductive Automation™ we believe in empowering the greatest asset your company has … you! That’s why Ignition includes a free, unlimited designer application.

Concurrent Development

The Ignition Designer includes unlimited designer clients to be launched. This allows multiple people to simultaneously develop the same HMI / SCADA projects at the same time. Screen locking prevents two users from overriding each-other on the same screen, so everyone can do their part without worry.

Reduce Project Timelines

Reduce your implementation timeline and increase the collaborative efforts of your team by having them work concurrently on the same project. What once would have taken a week can now get done in a day.

Développement objet

Object-Oriented Development

Drag-and-drop data binding, a rich component library, component templates, and data templates allow you to build HMI / SCADA projects faster than ever before.

Data Binding

The binding system allows for the easy creation of links between properties of components on the screen to values in the PLC, SQL queries, expressions and more.

Component Library

No need to start completely from scratch! Our component library comes with plenty of pre-configured components to give you a good start on your project.

Component Templates

Using the object-oriented approach, you can design a custom component once and create instances wherever you want. When you need to make a change, you only need to change it in one place and all of your instances are updated automatically.

User-Defined Data Types

Complementing component templates nicely, user-defined data types allow you to bring in custom data types from your PLC or create your own. Just like the component templates, changes to the master data type will trickle down to all instances on the system.

Outils graphiques

Drawing Tools

Versatile drawing tools let you create any shape and modify it with a variety of line strokes, color fills, patterns and gradients.

Vector 2D Drawing

Create distinctive screen designs and layouts with shape-building tools for lines, polygons, rectangles, arrows, and circles. Vector graphics help create precision shapes and Bézier curves that look great on any size monitor and scale to any size without losing image quality. Modify any shape with a variety of line strokes, color fills, patterns and gradients.

Import Graphics

Import SVG files to your Ignition project by dragging them onto the Ignition Designer workspace. Alternatively, you can take advantage of nearly 4,000 ready-made images available in the Symbol Factory Module by importing them into your Ignition projects. Either way, once they are imported you can manipulate and animate them just like any other object.


The Ignition Designer lets you use dynamic positioning to bind shape properties to data values so you can quickly and easily create animations. You can animate a tank’s fill level, make a fan rotate when it’s in the on position, and any other animation you can imagine. Easily send visual cues to operators about what’s going on down on the plant floor.

Scripting puissant

Powerful Scripting Engine

Advanced functionality can be achieved using the built-in Python scripting engine. Python is an extremely popular, powerful, and best of all, easy-to-learn scripting language.

Familiar & Popular

The Python scripting language is widely supported worldwide, so you are never locked into proprietary code ever again. Python is popular because it is highly regarded for its elegance and readability, making your projects easy to maintain.

Graphical Script Builders

Ignition’s script builders provide you with a way to start using advanced features of Ignition without having to type any code yourself. You can point-and-click your way to your first Python script.

Open & Accessible

The Python programming language is free and open source. It is backed by a passionate community and development team that strives to make it easy learn and use. Furthermore, because Python has been around for so long, there is a vast amount of documentation and plenty of examples available online!


Ignition allows you to create script modules. These are blocks of code that you can call from just about anywhere in your project. Write the code once, use it everywhere.