Ignition IIoT combine l’incroyable puissance de développement de la plateforme Ignition,
un prix abordable et la souplesse des architectures distribuées
avec l’incroyable efficacité de MQTT.


Make Your Data More Available, Powerful, and Efficient

Data is vital to good decision-making but in many industrial organizations today huge amounts of data are stranded in data silos and inaccessible to those that need it. Ignition IIoT solves this problem by leveraging the amazing efficiency of the MQTT data transfer protocol to decouple intelligent devices from applications, creating one streamlined data pipeline. The Ignition IIoT solution leverages MQTT to easily push data from thousands of devices across numerous sites to one central location for both industrial and business application to access. Get your valuable data into the hands of the people who need it more efficiently than ever before with Ignition IIoT.