Utilisez Ignition autant que vous voulez sans coût additionnel

Chaque licence serveur Ignition inclut un nombre illimité de clients et de tags. Vous êtes libre d’ajouter autant de synoptiques, de tags, de connexions et d’automates que vous le souhaitez. Pour un prix abordable, vous pouvez construire n’importe quelle application de supervision ou d’entreprise. Votre seule limite ? Votre imagination.





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Clients Illimités

Unlimited Clients

With Ignition, you pay one price per server license, and you get unlimited usage. Every member of your company can have insight into operations with no additional cost.

Run-Time Clients

Ignition offers unlimited clients per server, which means you can launch as many run-time clients as you want. Because bringing new clients online is so easy, scaling up is extremely simple.

Everyone Gets Access

We based our software on modern information technology specifications. That means straight TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), HTTP and SSL for launching a client from the server and standard SQL databases for storing important data. Setting up client access is just like providing access to any web server, so the IT department can set it up quickly.

Budget Reallocation

Whether your project is on a tight budget or not, it’s easy to appreciate cost savings. With Ignition’s simple pricing model you can spend less on software licensing fees so you can put more money toward developing better projects.

Tags Illimités

Unlimited Tags

In today’s modern manufacturing facilities, it no longer makes sense to pay per tag – so why do it? With Ignition you can use as many tags as you need and never pay anything extra for them.

Drag-and-Drop Development

Ignition’s SQLTags system makes bringing values from PLCs into your project easy. Simply browse your device and drag in the tags you want.

Data Templates

Build UDT (user-defined data type) tags for your system. These templates mimic data structures that already exist in your PLC or design your own from scratch. You can then create instances to use all over your system. The best part is if you need to make a change to the data type, you only need to modify the master UDT and every instance will automatically get the update.

Data From Any Device

You can create tags from multiple sources all in the same project. Bring in values from multiple PLCs, different OPC servers, and other tags without any limitations. You are also free to structure your tags in a way that makes sense to your project.

Connexions Illimitées

Unlimited Connections

You can connect your PLCs to SQL databases, connect your HMIs to office desktop computers – and connect all of that to your MES or ERP system at no extra cost.

Connect to All Major Databases

Practically any major database can be easily connected to Ignition. Ignition uses JDBC connectors and delivers out-of-the-box support for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 and PostgreSQL databases.

Connect to All Your PLCs

Using both classic OPC and OPC-UA standards, all major PLCs are simple to connect with Ignition because the software comes with a built-in OPC-UA server with drivers for the most common PLC brands, including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and Modbus. Ignition is also easily used with third-party OPC-UA or classic OPC servers, so you can connect to just about any PLC out there.

Connect to All Your Devices

Ignition has built-in drivers for TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) communication, which makes it easy to connect and receive data from many common devices such as barcode scanners, scales, flow meters, analytical equipment, and more.

Connect to Any MES or ERP System

Ignition works seamlessly with any MES or ERP system. Connect your entire HMI and SCADA system to your enterprise data for collaboration unlike ever before. Ignition is designed around using databases, so you can easily connect your plant floor database to any other database in your enterprise, locally or around the world.

Evolutivité Illimitée

Unlimited Scalability

As your company grows, Ignition grows with you, fulfilling the needs of your ever-expanding business and helping you reach your full potential. With Ignition, you pay once and never have to worry about paying more to add new clients, tags, connections or devices in the future.

Panel Screens

The great thing about Ignition’s small footprint is that it can be installed on small machines. If you have a project that only requires one computer interface that’s off of the network, Ignition’s got you covered.

One Plant

Easily and affordably create any size SCADA system. If you need more clients, simply launch them over the network – at no extra cost.

Multiple Facilities

Ignition can make use of your existing network infrastructure, which means expanding to multiple facilities is effortless. There are no proprietary protocols or mediums to worry about, just standard networking practices that the IT department already knows how to deal with.